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The Varmitgetter warranty must be printed, completed and mailed to Varmitgetter. Print yours here.

Varmitgetter ,LLC. guarantees the VARMIT getter to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of any other warranty, thats right we will match any other companies warranty, as long as you follow manufactures our instruction to the tee, from original date of purchase. there is a life time warranty available, call toll free 877-982-7648 for details. Go to our tips link on our web site, with the proper care and maintenance your Varmitgetter will last a life time. When flash arrester on the wand goes out, this allows the rapid expanding gas to flash back in the hose it will take it for a while but the heat melts the seal in the flow valve and creates a leak and its a matter of time before a small amount of gas accumulate in the box. it happened maybe 3 times out of 3500 units. this could have been avoided if you would have checked your flash arrester by garbing it on the arrester when moving tunnel to tunnel. the temp should always be warmer on the down side of the applicator and much cooler on the up end of the flash arrester. if it is all the same warmer temp thru out the bottom end and top end of flash arrester that means its went out, all these issues have been discussed in the owners manual and web site.

If the unit and/or any components fail, excluding any failure due to damage, misuse, or abuse, we will repair or provide replacement, at our discretion, free of charge.

When blasting burrows it is important to note that there can be debris in the tunnel that may burn for up to a minute after blasting. DO NOT insert the unit into a burrow until ALL flames are gone. The operator can hear the difference between dispersing gas into a tunnel and dispersing flame into a tunnel. If there is a flame in the burrow it will cause damage to the unit after a minute of flame. The manufacturer’s warranty is intended to cover manufacturing defects and parts failure under normal use. Parts failure due to misuse will not be repaired under warranty, but can be repaired by our shop for a reasonable fee. Using a non-commercial version for commercial use will also void the warranty. If you pay attention to your applicator it should not be a problem.

Varmit getter stands firmly behind their products. Any questions on our warrantees or products, please contact us.