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Flash arresters are installed on both lines on all our models. This is a safety feature for both you and your unit. They protect you from rapidly expanding gas making it back to the mixing unit. To check your flash arrester, simply grab it while moving from tunnel to tunnel. The side closer to the tunnel may be warm while the side closer to the mixing unit should be much cooler. If both sides are warm, your flash arrester needs replaced. Any questions on this, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Back filling
Varmitgetter is designed to be back filled, simply kick some of the loose dirt onto the foot of the wand, step on it and pack the dirt. This is to keep concussion in the tunnel and the noise level down, and blast is contained in the tunnel system not on the surface where a fire could be started.
For larger pests, like prairie dogs and ground hogs, use sand bags/blast mats. Plus this keeps the flash point in the tunnel as opposed to a flash point on the surface.
The only reason the badger is there is because there is a food source. Be it gophers, ground squirrels, or any rodent, you must get rid of the food source – no food supply ,no Badger.
You can control year round, but to eradicate them, hit it hard in the Spring when the breeding season is on. Knock them out before they get out of hand. In the beginning hit it hard, do follow up the next day and you will see a difference.
Gophers, Moles
In the AM is the time to go after these pests. After noon their activity ceases. In the spring is the only time they are active in the afternoon.
There is a suffocation mode to use around sensitive areas like sidewalks, patios, irrigation, etc.
Take care of your unit
DO NOT leave your unit out in the rain. Make sure flash arrester screen have zero obstructions on their screen. They need to be looked at from time to time. Turn the tanks off and relieve pressure from lines when not in use, take time to check flash arresters, when moving from site to site.
Check flash arresters at remote box by taking them off from red and green hoses, make sure there is no debris on screens.
Once a year take hoses off and blow out with air at 100 psi, or more often if used all the time.
Warranty and Use Tips
When blasting burrows it is important to note that there can be debris in the tunnel that may burn for up to a minute after blasting. DO NOT insert the unit into a burrow until ALL flames are gone. The operator can hear the difference between dispersing gas into a tunnel and dispersing flame into a tunnel. If there is a flame in the burrow it will cause damage to the unit after a minute of flame. The manufacturer’s warranty is intended to cover manufacturing defects and parts failure under normal use. Parts failure due to misuse will not be repaired under warranty, but can be repaired by our shop for a reasonable fee. Using a non-commercial version for commercial use will also void the warranty. If you pay attention to your applicator it should not be a problem. Varmit getter stands firmly behind their products. Any questions on our warrantees or products, please contact us.