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Varmitgetter Original – This is the original device that you’ve all come to know and love. we have found the original is better for smaller rodent such as gophers, moles voles, ground squirrels etc. Both units include gauges,twin hose,foot probe, and hearing/eye protection. Check our Buy Now page for current pricing.
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Varmitgetter Component System {The Varmitgetter Rodent Blaster}- We have found the component system is better for larger animals such as groundhog, prairie dogs, rabbits even badgers etc.etc. Varmitgetter has simplified the technology and made it more affordable; we made the electrical line and gas line separate, these fit on all existing VG units out there So the gas line is never in the tunnel the same time the explosion goes off. Check our Buy Now page for current pricing.
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Varmitgetter Combo Package – Both applicators/Wands for small and large rodents, one mixing system, and everything you need to get started with both! Order these now here!

Ignition System (24 inch) – We have had quite a few requests for just the ignitors only but they were incorporated with the remote mixing/control box, so our R&D department came up with the ignitor separate so people could use them with other mixing systems that the ignition systems have failed on. These units can be used for Rodex 4000 and Rodinator 5000 units and provide remote detonation capabilities to some of our competitor’s products, making them not only useful again, but making them safer too! Order these now here!

25 Foot gas hose extension. This allows you to go 25 feet further without moving your gas tanks. When coupled with the included hose, this extends your reach from a 25 ft. circle to a 50 ft circle. Order them now here!


Replacement Parts

Oxygen side flash and Fuel side flash arrestors – these can be replaced in the field and can now be ordered here.

Ignitor Electronics (NO soldering required)- These are a field replaceable unit and can now be ordered here.


Ignition Button and Battery Holder – Can be ordered here.