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Our wand is meant to be backfilled to keep the concussion in the tunnel/burrow and keep the noise level down.

If you here a bang you are losing 50 to 70% of your concussion that should be in the tunnel/burrow.

Saves on your oxygen.

Hand held devices are DANGEROUS.

Varmitgetter gets the gas in the tunnel/burrow 3 to 4 times faster than the handheld devices

Our device does not have to be cocked and valves to be turned each time you fire it like the handheld that are out there.

Varmitgetter can be fired repeatedly over and over again, simply by applying the gas and hit the button without being near the blast.

In Varmitgetter’s owners manual it tells you how long to apply the gas depending on what varmint you are dealing with.

Varmitgetter is priced hundreds of dollars less than the handheld devices on the market and doesn’t break down.

Wired remote control — up to 25′ away from the blast site.

Operator DOES NOT hold onto applicator, which produces the blast.

Operator is not fatigued by the constant concussion of the blast.

The other hand-held units cause some operators to flinch, causing not enough gas to be used for proper application.

You are able to see the blast from a safe distance at the control box and know how effective it is, versus just hearing it.

Able to cover firing cone with loose dirt to help keep gas from escaping and to snuff out possible fire.

More portable, easier to move from burrow to burrow, it is smaller and better balanced.

Well built to protect sensitive parts, yet readily accessible for easy repair.

Extra safety measures are built in, so in the event that the unit has been damaged or misused, you are protected by check valves, flashback arrestors and pressure relief plugs.

The firing cone is made smaller, therefore, easier to use on small rodents, such as the gopher and mole, etc.

Some repairs can be done while in the field, such as the check valve and wiring.

The single dispersion hose provides better gas mix, giving more effective and consistent blasts.