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About Us

* -Hello my name is Barry Schroeder, the designer of the Burrow Blaster component system in 2007 and of the Varmitgetter all in one system 2004 with Joe Shaffer the guy who basically invented the rodex 4000 he was under contract with rodex and never got any of the fame or glory.He was fired when E. B. Myers started rodinator. There are a handful of people in the world who know this technology inside and out and how the companies were started. I am one of them and here’s my story:

* -When I looked at buying Rodex years ago, I always wondered why they were so expensive? heres why all the companies out there all have partner and share holder that must be paid. I knew I could come up with something not only better, but safer and less expensive. When I almost purchased Rodex in 2002, before the partners split up and one of them then started Rodenator. In FACT I told the boys of rodex before they split that you need to scrape the torch handle, ever farmer has a cutting torch and you guys are trying to sell them a device for $2000 plus with a torch handle thats a insult to the farmers. and they said it was impossible to work with out the torch handled. Quote [you can’t get the gases mixed correctly] unquote. after i figured out a swirling technic to mix the gas and get the gas in the tunnel much faster with out a torch handle. Then i put my idea and product on the market the two partners or x partners at that time said i stole there idea. That pissed me off! thats the main reason i basically give them away after Buying the correct brass parts etc,etc,pay my employes i don’t make much at all. Plus I Don’t like profiting from killing animals but was raised on a farm and could see the benefit from the device apposed to poison/chemical, The Varmitgetter was born, remote controlled, hundreds of dollars less than the other products on the market. This blew the lid off the market in the states, made them affordable for everybody. Since then many companies have designed devices that are the same as mine or previous design, For instants the Rodent blaster has a touch handle like a old Rodex 4000. A touch handle limits the amount of gas and a longer dispersal time because of the tiny pin size orifices/outlets that mix the gas at the end of a torch. The gas will never stay mixed the same at the end of a 50 ft tunnel. Ask any gas Expert. With our 1/4 inch flow line the gases are swirled constantly thru out the single red hose for a better gas mix. We have had people steal our design over seas and in the states. but they can’t put it out for the same price or quality as we do. All the companies out there have about the same cost to make the devices as we do WHY they are $1000 dollars more i’ll never know.

* The main goal of Varmitgetter was to keep it simple and get the technology to our customers without charging them thousands of dollars as our competitors have done for years, and we did it with the VG original applicator and with the component applicator that run off the same gas mixing system. We have found the component applicator is better suited for larger animals such as groundhogs, prairie dogs, rabbits even badgers, etc. We call it the Burrow Blaster. Here’s why, the all in one systems were designed for gophers moles, etc there tunnel systems run about 6 to 9 inches under thew surface so when the explosion goes off it is dissipated thru out the tunnels destruction. larger animals burrows are deep you will not get total tunnel disruption and if you don’t use sand bags to protect your all in one unit they will sustain damage. i don’t care who makes it. the burrow blaster ‘s gas line is never in the tunnel when ignited. just plain common sense. [Hide site 20/20] if i could go back in time and been the 1st guy to make these things i would have went with the component system design THE GAS LINE IS NEVER IN THE BURROW WHEN IT EXPLODES! Rodex, rodinator, they all had the gas line and electric line all in one,thats how it started every body wanted that design. i took a step back and simplified it by splitting the barrels up and putting the ignitor on a separate flex end ware your electronics rest flush on the ground and will never be hit by the blast. no damage or repairs [THEY WORK ON GOPHERS MOLES GREAT] Call our toll free number (1-877-XVARMIT) to find out about our combo package with both applicators and one gas mixing system if you have both small and large pests.

*History of this technology: the army started in the late 40s early 50s experimenting with rapid expanding gases on burrowing pests, then in the 70s the gopher touch, it was ignited by a 12 volt car battery, auto ignition coil and auto spark plug for ignition, a lot to haul around, as the ignition electronics got smaller through the 80s and 90s it made the technology more feasible to use, All other companies use tazer parts or electrical systems that were designed for something else such as chainsaw coils, we used tazer parts in the beginning, too many problems, this led us to design our own electronics specifically for our device. They are bullet proof. We have had quite a few requests for just the ignitors only but they were incorporated with the remote gas mixing/control box. so our R&D department came up with the ignitor separate so people could use them with other mixing systems that the ignition systems have failed on, or operator simply does not want to stand over the burrow when blasting. These units can be used for Rodex 4000 and Rodinator 5000 units and provide remote detonation capabilities to some of our competitor’s products, making them not only useful again, but making them safer too! Varmitgetter was the 1st to make the device remote so the operator does not get fragmented, that is the only innovation since the technology was conceived. So if anybody tells you they invented one of these devices in the last few years, think again.

* -Gas mixture? All the companies out there tell you their device mixes the gas better than the other which is hog wash. The fact is, if the gases are not mixed exactly none of them work . There is a 4% variation. If you are 2% high or 2% low from the correctly calibrated mix you will not get your optimal blast.