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Varmitgetter is proud to announce that we have acquired Rodex and StoutKart! Thank you to everyone that has made this level of success possible.

Varmitgetter will beat the price of ANY rodent blaster on the market by HUNDREDS AND DOUBLE their warranty! Contact us today to get the best deal.

Varmitgetter is the original remote control device for burrowing pests


*The VARMIT getter is a device for controlling the populations of burrowing rodents, such as gophers, ground squirrels, moles and even badgers, thus greatly reducing the damage they cause to crops, irrigation systems, and landscaping. It is designed for efficiency on large acreages. No poisons are used, making it safe for organic applications. This method kills instantly by pulmonary hemorrhage so its instant and more humane than poisons or traps, for pennies a shot. Our device can be backfilled in tunnel systems/burrows, containing the concussion, and controlling the noise level, making this device very cost effective to operate. If you hear a “bang” your losing 75% or more of your concussion kill. In sensitive areas, such as sidewalks, underground irrigation and foundations, there can be a suffocation method applied without ignition. We have found the original is more pliable for smaller rodent such as gophers, moles voles, ground squirrels, etc. we also have a newer simpler system call the Burrow Blaster. its the same thing but the ignitor is separate from the gas bar, gas bar is never left in the tunnel when ignited. these were designed for larger pest such as ground Hogs,Prairie Dogs, Rabbits. Call our toll free number (1-877-XVARMIT) to find out about our combo package with both applicators and one gas mixing system if you have both small and large pests.

*Varmitgetter was the only device mentioned at the 23rd Vertebrate pest conference of 2008 even though the competition was there. Their Concussion Blast Study is available on our downloads page.

*In fact, the Humane Society came to Varmitgetter and thanked them at the conference for getting some hard data. Even though they had requested info/data from the competition for years to no avail, they received no reply. Varmitgetter was the 1st to have any hard data.

*A little history about us and the technology: Varmitgetter has sold thousands of units over the past 12 going on 13 years world wide. In the beginning we put together a few wireless prototypes, and they were too expensive and too many things to go wrong, not to mention there is a gas line always attached to the device so it made no sense to have a wireless remote. That’s why we went with a hard line that runs along the gas line. Here’s a few reasons why our system is less expensive than the competition, 1st there are no shareholders in VG and the owner of VG does not like profiting from the killing of animals, but was raised on a farm and knows the advantages of the device with burrowing pests compared to poison and chemicals that will cause secondary killing of pets and wildlife. You do not have to spend $1000s on this technology. Varmitgetter has streamed lined the gas mixing system, its the same gas mixing system we have always had in the remote box, but no box, this saves on parts and labor and we pass it on to our customers. Now you can get this technology with out spending $1000s, The reason Varmitgetter is able to do this is by buying 1000s of parts at a time and we always units in stock. [THE ORIGINAL REMOTE BOX AVAILABLE ON REQUEST] All you need is spark and the correct mix of gas to get the same bang as the other companies devices, don’t be fooled by wireless remotes and flashing lights. Not to mention we do pay for manufacturer’s product liability insurance, that’s why our costs are as high as they are. Make sure your device has manufacturer’s product liability insurance.

* The main goal of Varmitgetter was to keep it simple and get the technology to our customers without charging them thousands of dollars as our competitors have done for years, and we did it with the VG original applicator and with the component applicator that run off the same gas mixing system. We have found the component applicator is better suited for larger animals such as groundhogs, prairie dogs, rabbits even badgers, etc. We call it the Burrow Blaster. Here’s why, the all in one systems were designed for gophers moles, etc there tunnel systems run about 6 to 9 inches under thew surface so when the explosion goes off it is dissipated thru out the tunnels destruction. larger animals burrows are deep you will not get total tunnel disruption and if you don’t use sand bags to protect your all in one unit they will sustain damage. i don’t care who makes it. the burrow blaster ‘s gas line is never in the tunnel when ignited. just plain common sense. Call our toll free number (1-877-XVARMIT) to find out about our combo package with both applicators and one gas mixing system if you have both small and large pests.

Varmitgetter was the 1st to make the device remote so the operator does not get fragmented, that is the only innovation since the technology was conceived. So if anybody tells you they invented one of these devices in the last few years, think again.

* -Gas mixture? All the companies out there tell you their device mixes the gas better than the other which is hog wash. The fact is, if the gases are not mixed exactly none of them work . There is a 4% variation. If you are 2% high or 2% low from the correctly calibrated mix you will not get your optimal blast.

* Operator does not hold onto the applicator, when producing the blast and can be 25 feet away or more from the blast site (Extensions are also available).

* Hand-held units cause operators to back off, resulting in an ineffective application of gas especially for larger burrows such as Groundhogs, prairie dogs, Rabbits, Badgers, etc. Operators become fatigued by the constant concussion from the blasts. With the Burrow Blaster you can fill the burrow up with as much gas as you need to collapse the entrances and exits of burrows.

* Varmitgetter is smaller and better balanced making it more portable to move from burrow to burrow and easier to use on gophers, voles, moles, etc. It is also able to do larger holes such as prairie dogs, ground squirrels, etc by placing sand bags in the proper place. The component system will give you the same results but you carry the gas bar with you to the remote box, the gas line is never in the tunnel when it is ignited. This has cut our production costs.

* A calibrated mixture of oxygen and propane, the gas is dispersed into the tunnel system. It is remote detonated to ensure the operator does not get fragmented. The tunnel system and anything in tunnel system is destroyed for pennies.

* The tunnel system is completely destroyed. When tunnel is left intact after trapping or poisoning another rodent WILL move in.

For more information, check our About Us page.